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Welcome to the world of Beartopia! Drop as many bears as your computer can handle and turn the infinite gray lands into a Bear Playground.


  • Multiple Player-Bear Interaction
  • Easy to use U.I.
  • Smart Obstacle Pathfinding
  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Beautifully Crafted Pixel World using Shaders
  • Optimized for Low-End Computers
  • Only 5MB


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Beartopia.exe 5 MB
Beartopia_Installer.exe 5 MB

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I know you have probably heard this 500 times but, would you be able to make it savable?


I really like the game, and I'm eager to see it develop into something I could play for hours on end. It already has a strong addiction! However, I must admit that I did experience some odd behavior, which I would want to share. I'm not sure whether you want to hear it, but there are only two things. 1. I placed a number of objects (rocks, lilypads, and so on) after refreshing the map, and these objects started flashing, especially if I zoomed out a little. Sadly, I'm unable to explain why, but if I do, I will let you know. 2. At some time, the bears appear to quit functioning. I learned that unless there are more people, the houses won't be finished.

When can we play the newer updates from your devlogs? 

cool but can i have this for free plz


you can just press no thanks just take me to the downloads

but i did and it had nothing in the file


I love this it's cute and charming and very addictive!! I did have an issue where I switched to window mode and couldn't select a couple items in the menu + couldn't go back to full screen, and then I couldn't click the create menu after I exited, so I just quit the game. Can't wait for more!!

Cool game, looking forward to more updates

Deleted 133 days ago

It's a GMS bug

How to fix?


I enjoy the game a lot and I'm looking forward to seeing this game evolve into something I could spend days into. It already is highly addictive! I gotta say though, I did run into some strange behavior which I'd like to report. Don't know if you want to hear it here, but it's just two things. 1. After refreshing the map I placed a lot of things (rocks, lillypads and so on..) and these things began flashing, especially if I zoomed out a little bit. I sadly can't tell why, but if I figure something out I would pass it on. 2. The bears seem to stop working at some point. I found out that the houses don't get finished unless there are more houses that need to be build, so I always added new construction projects even before the current constructions aren't even remotely done. I dunno if I'm maybe missing something here, but the AI seems to be a bit strange.


Thanks for playing! For the bugs you have encountered, I have encountered that as well.  I think I solved the flashing problem but I'm not entirely sure.  I am not 100% certain where the flashing came from honestly. The second one happens because I did not want the bear to destroy the entire forest and leave a bunch of logs floating everywhere. So what I did was the bears only chop when as much as they need. The problem is, the bears don't pick up the resources and bring it to the house. Also, if the resources are too far from the house, they won't bring it there. I'm trying to figure out how to balance the game more. It's a really big project so I hope you don't mind it taking a while. I'm actually reworking it from scratch on Game Maker Studio 2 (this version is made in GMS1.4). The new version will have even more features  and you can add about 5-10x more bears before it lags :)

Thank you for your response, I was happy to hear that there will be a big update. I understand that making a game takes a lot of time and I don't know what your goals are, but it seems like it's one of those games a dev could work on forever.  For the same reason it's very likely the best thing to do to upgrade the engine. Better now than after you worked really hard on it and had to scrap most of that work. Regarding the second odd behavior, I'd like to just toss an idea out there. What if there was a way to designate areas to be "unmodifiable" so that neither you or the bears can mistakenly destroy or place something there?

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This is gonna be great! I have a few ideas to help your bears be self sustaining and let them thrive. Like a new building called the blacksmith hut,  it takes double the materials of a house but produces a random tool every now and then. A nursery building that's like the blacksmith hut except it produces bears, and occasionally a dino.   Trees should drop 1-2 nuts when destroyed. Bows for ranged bear attacks would be neat, Spider monsters that are like zombies except they don't infect. Anyways, 10/10 would kill the entire bear population with zombies again. Edit: If zombies are far away bears should ignore them and go about their  day, also, all of these are just ideas, I don't expect them, i just think they'd be really neat.

Thank you very much for your input! This ideas are brilliant! I actually would love to apply these ideas if I could. I'm currently rebuilding Beartopia and I am still thinking how to make players be more invested in the game. Again, thanks!


This game is awesome! At first I didn't realize that the map extended past my initial view so I couldn't figure out where the bears were disappearing to, but fences put a stop to the wandering. It's fun to construct scenarios and see what the bears do, like arena/defense constructions for them to defend against the zombears, and for some reason I find the dinos especially humorous despite the fact that they really don't do anything; maybe it's the way they curl up and shiver around zombears?

It's also just fun to watch the bears wander around and use tools and I'm looking forward to future expansions, especially world generation! Is there a way to save your progress and I've missed it somehow, or is that maybe a future feature? I don't mind the amount of time required to build a house, etc but I'd really appreciate the ability to save works-in-progress and come back to them. Regardless, I have fun whenever I open the game and for that I thank you!

(I also thank you on behalf of my potato laptop, which can run the game smoothly despite many bears.)

Thank you very much for this amazing comment! And thank you also for the 5 star rating! It makes me really happy to see people who enjoy playing my game!

World generation is now being implemented and I also plan to add save progresses. The new version will also accommodate even more bears!


one thing that happend with my playtrough is that the zombears ran away very far, so i made this army of bears but they dont return to the city i was trying to build. if i place new bears they panic untill i give them a sword and then they run of in the distance to never return xD


i love that this game has some suprise elements to it

its quite hard these days to find sandobx games with elements of suprise like this


really cool! hope you keep updating the game, also is there a way to fast-forward it?

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There is no way at the moment but I could see the potential of adding that in some later updates :) Thanks for playing!


I can definitely see this being something my kids will love! :-)


Yup... I was right.  Thanks for this!

I'm overjoyed to hear your wonderful comment and how it has brought smiles to your kids! Thank you very much for playing!


They've had hours of crazy fun with it, it's perfect for the age group that wants to be able to experiment without game over possibilities. :-)

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Very well done :) What engine did you use, or did you make your own?


Thanks! I used GameMaker Studio. I'm not that skilled to use my own engine :)


This is really amazing! I recommend adding a tutorial! Very relaxing btw

Thank you! I will sure add that to the list of things to do! I'm glad you had fun! :)


No problem keep up the good work! You might as well check out my project that I'm working on and give me a feedback

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