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You got a spiffy puzzle game here! I love that you have to factor in the mortality and reproducability of the robots into the solution to the levels -- a clever twist for sure. I do think there are some parts where you could slow down the fireball spawns, and I sometimes had trouble keeping track of which character was which (I know you have different colors to mean different things, and you use their eyes as a signifier of activity, but you may want to consider making it even more obvious -- perhaps a really obvious antenna on the top of their head that lights up or goes dark?)

But overall brilliant game! Keep up the good work!


Yo’ Templar here,
Very fun game, the puzzles are nice and the art fits it really well, the only issues would be that moving around isn’t really easy, like some jumps feel a bit too pixel perfect, but other than that is great.

One of things I worry about making the jumps easy is that the some players might finish the level the wrong way. It's one of the difficulties of a puzzle platformer. I'm sure there are lots ways to improve the levels which I haven't found out. Thanks for your feedback!